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Great experience!

The Nebraska Writing Project has been a great experience for me. Within the NeWP network, I have been able to interact with other educators, take courses, grow professionally, continue to write, and overall, become a better teacher.


Writer for a month

NeWP provides the best personal and professional development ever. I got to be a WRITER for a month--to think about what I wanted to write, got to push myself to try new genres, got to work with a supportive writing group, and got the time to do some inquiry work that mattered to ME. I followed up by participating in both the Literature Institute and the Technology Institute (and returning to facilitate the S.I.) and I not only learn so much each summer, but feel revived and energized for my next school year. The NeWP provides a chance to learn about things that will actually matter to you personally and professionally and to surround yourself with others who care as much as you do. NeWP=energy, ideas, and friendship.

A true community

Being a part of the 2013 NeWP was one the best professional experiences I have had. It connected me with a community of teachers who feel passionate about writing and gave me the time I always want but rarely get to write write write creatively, reflectively, and consistently. It is hands-down the most meaningful professional development you could possibly engage in.

Lauren Gatti
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Teacher Consultant

I've been associated with the Nebraska Writing Project since 1996. Of all my graduate classes and professional development experiences, NeWP has undoubtedly had the most significant impact. NeWP events or institutes are filled with educators who love learning from each other and working toward positive educational lives for their students. NeWP will change your life. Give it a try.

Anne Walden

An Old Friend

The NWP summer institute didn't just change my life, it changed me. Through my development as a pre-service teacher, and the hectic teaching day that came with my first teaching gig, I'd meandered around to a teaching focus that was solely focused on students.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing, but in my martyr-like teaching stance, I'd forgotten that I pursued language arts because I love molding language as an art. My identity was so brimming with being a teacher, that I'd forgotten that "I am a writer." That phrase, while scary at first, slipped on like faded jeans with knees worn just right when when my first writing marathon challenged me to force those words out of my mouth. As a writing teacher who actually wrote after the institute, I plugged into energy for teaching as the "aha" smacked me upside the head: The act of writing--not the finished product--was what I was to teach.

I used to think that when I got grumpy that I needed to exercise. Since the writing project, I see that a run on the treadmill can sate me for a time, but what I really need to feel comfortable in my own skin is to have written. I am a writer. The NWP summer institute reminded me, re-introduced me to an old and much-needed friend, my writer self.

Part of the Solution

I have been active in the Nebraska Writing Project since 1984, when I attended my first Summer Institute. That summer, Les Whipp introduced me to the core features of NeWP: honoring and immersing ourselves in our own writing; listening with full attention to the best practices and passionate ideas of my colleagues in the teaching profession; noticing how the same care for young people, the same love of language and learning, extends across the grade levels once I actually talked with my colleagues in writing. Now it's 30 years later. I've been part of 25 distinct Summer Institutes, an equal number of Writing Marathons, a baker's dozen of teacher research projects -- and I can say with all honesty that the Nebraska Writing Project network remains the single best hope for true educational reform in our state and region. NeWP teachers know themselves as writers, care deeply about the children and young adults of the next generations and the future world they will help bring about, and work together across grades, content areas, and school districts to guide that best future into being.

Nebraska Writing Project teachers are a key part of the solution.

Meaningful and Effective

Although I took the Nebraska Writing Project 5 years ago, it remains the single most meaningful and effective professional development as a teacher.
It helped me value my own writing, learn about being a teacher of writing that is a writer myself, formulate a vision for my teaching of writing and an entire philosophy that infuses my teaching of writing with purpose.
I tell anyone I can about the importance of taking the Writing Project because it will change their writing and teaching lives.

Jenny Razor
Burke High School

Life Changing

There are four significant times in my teaching career that I can pinpoint as being "life changing/saving" moments. Two of these moments have been related to the Nebraska Writing Project.

The first is the summer I attended the Nebraska Writing Project Summer Institute and the second is the summer I was elected to the Nebraska Writing Project Advisory Board. This fabulously talented and caring group of professionals has majestically transformed my confidence level and my teaching style.

The individuals who make up the Nebraska Writing Project are the most gentle and helpful professional people I have encountered in my teaching realm and I am beyond proud to call them colleagues and friends.

Brenda Larabee

Transformative Experience

After going through my first Summer Institute in 2002, I felt that my entire understanding of what it meant to be a teacher had transformed. This was a good thing. I learned that the best teachers are those who do what they proclaim to teach. In the case of the Nebraska Writing Project, the focus is on writing, but I think the philosophy is true for any teacher. I learned to learn alongside my students. I did the work I assigned. I completely changed my teaching philosophy based on my new found understanding of education.

I'm a better teacher today because of the Nebraska Writing Project. I found a community of teachers all engaged in their craft. I learned to be a professional educator with a voice. I feel empowered.

The Nebraska Writing Project Summer Institute will change you... for the better.

Jeff Grinvalds
Westside High School

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