2013 Administrator Support Award

2013 Administrator Support Award

 Nebraska Writing Project

2013 Administrator Certificate of Recognition Presented to Vann Price

Transcript of presentation speech by Robert Brooke, NeWP Director

Vann Price receives Award from Robert Brooke

We recognize Vann Price for her support of Nebraska Writing Project programs and partnerships at North Star High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.   Dr. Price is nominated by Melanie Farber, Chair of English at North Star; Tara Moore, English teacher at North Star, and Susan Martens of UNL’s preservice English program.  They write:

“Vann has been supportive of all kinds of NeWP “extension” work—whether that’s taking students on mini-writing marathons or sponsoring partnership programs with UNL pre-service teachers. When approached about participating with the Nebraska Writing Project and the Embedded Institute, Vann was immediately on board. She helped to put together the necessary documentation and data to help us secure the grant and was willing to help find extra money to pay participants if that was going to be necessary. She has not only allowed us to use some building PLC time to get our work accomplished, she has granted participants building staff development hours because she recognizes the immense commitment of her teachers. As a former Summer Institute participant herself, Vann Price knows the professional growth that comes from participating in anything related to the National Writing Project.

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2013 Carol McDaniels Award Winner

2013 Carol MacDaniels Teacher of the Year

Dr. Robert Brooke Presenting Award to Susan Martens

2013 Nebraska Writing Project
Carol MacDaniels Teacher of the Year Award
Presented to Susan Martens

Transcript of presentation speech by Robert Brooke, NeWP Director
Susan Martens receiving award from Robert Brooke

I am pleased to present the 2013 Nebraska Writing Project Carol MacDaniels Teacher of the Year Award to Susan Martens.

For the past five years, Susan has taught in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln English Department, following a successful earlier teaching career at Arlington High School in east central Nebraska. She’s been active in the Nebraska Writing Project since her first Rural Institute experience, in 2001 at Cedar Bluffs. Since that first institute, Susan has held almost all of NeWP’s leadership roles. She’s been Co-Director, Institute Facilitator, Professional Writing Retreat Facilitator, Technology Team grant writer, Web Editor, Advisory Board member, and self-appointed Writing Marathon Wrangler. In short, Susan has been, as one of her colleagues puts it, “a force of nature” for Nebraska Writing Project. Next year, she leaves Nebraska to take up the Directorship of the Prairie Lands Writing Project at Missouri Western University. Her future colleagues in Missouri, who can’t be with us tonight, sent me two pages of support for this award — first, welcoming Susan to their NWP site as the “fulfillment of Prairie Lands’ dream”; second, pointing out “the shift in superlative mascot” that goes with the move. At Missouri Western, she’ll have a “magnificent mythical {griffin},” replacing UNL’s “bobble-headed blond boy in red rompers.”

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