2017 Eastern Youth Writing Festival

Youth writing festival participants

The Nebraska Writing Project held its annual Eastern Youth Writing Festival on April 1st, 2017. This event, designed for students in grades 6-8, was held at Gretna Middle School. A total of 32 students from Elkhorn, Gretna, Bellevue, Fremont, and Wahoo schools attended. While at the event, students were able to participate in three sessions, led by area teachers Theresa Huttman, Patrick White, and Santha Walters. These sessions covered topics such as upcycling song lyrics into poetry, the analysis of film and script writing, and developing superhero characters that are both good and evil. After the sessions, students were able to go on a writing marathon or continue to work on pieces they had begun during the instructional sessions. Some students are working on pieces for publication; these will be available at the end of the month on the Nebraska Writing Project Youth Writing Festival Blog.

Amy Tasich  |  Nebraska Writing Project

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NeWP Quilt Raffle Tickets Now Available


The annual Nebraska Writing Project Quilt Raffle is beginning. The NeWP has raffled quilts as a fundraiser at the annual Spring Gathering in May for several years now. Tickets are going on sale now, at the Nebraska Educational Technology Conference on April 20, and 21 in Omaha, NE, and at the Spring Gathering on May 5 in the Colonial Room at the UNL Student Union in Lincoln, NE. The quilt pictured was made from fabric celebrating the honey bee including fabric printed with quotations about bees.

Tickets are on sale for one dollar a ticket or six tickets for five dollars. Contact Amanda Larabee at alarabee2@unl.edu for ticket information and purchase.

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NeWP Fall and Winter Writing Marathons

The fall and winter marathon were filled with great writers and beautiful weather. The annual fall writing marathon was held at Platte River State Park September 26-28th. Participants gathered Saturday morning for a new addition to the weekend, an Unconference. Veteran and pre-service teachers enjoyed an open discussion on education issues such as the responsibility and restrictions of social justice in the classroom. Ideas were discussed over hot-off-the griddle pancakes and under a light sprinkling of rain.

The marathon launched from Owen 9 at noon. Two groups of writers ventured out to explore climbing walls, tipis, the Interstate Chapel and Platte River State Park’s rock wall. Writing was shared along with an impressive cabin dinner.

This years Winter Marathon was preceeded by the NeWP winter board retreat and celebration dinner for Rhonda Schoenmaker. TCs and board members offered special thanks for Rhonda’s support of and dedication to the NeWP and teachers. A poetry tribute highlighted Rhonda’s talent for keeping things running smoothly. Her patience, ingenuity, and warmth was likened to everything from motor oil to being a master gardener.

The winter marathon launched from Blue Orchid. The first stop brought the writers to Gallery 9, an independent gallery and professional artists affiliation. The gallery’s highlight was the main gallery which showcased American Veterans paintings and photography. Afterwards the writers spread out around the Lincoln capital, observing and noting the Women’s March. Indigo Books was home of the final writing and read around.

To read writing from these two events, please click here.

Diana Weis  |  Nebraska Writing Project

Fall and Winter Writing Marathons

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